Once Upon A Time …

… there was a young lady who found herself to be under the constraint from those who lived and worked with her. Now, this young lady was possessed of a lively spirit that deceived some, for her paleness of complexion belied what lay beneath. She was a fair English Rose in her countenance, with hair the colour of falling autumn leaves, although she was really descended from the land of the Scots.

In time the fight for the character of the young lady became a fight that she lacked the power to win. And, thus, her spirit descended to the darkness and concealed herself from humankind.

For some considerable time in her life, there was no decision to be made on how to free her from this darkness, until one day, her consciousness resolved to find a way back into the light. This resolve would be examined with many an effort on her part to overcome adversity.

She would not take all recognition for this ability to overwhelm that which sought to keep her in the dark; there were the few, who would offer assistance in the fight to conquer those that had burdened her.

She would become acquainted with her true self, change her nature and the manner in which she connected with others, and where once there had been little to be encouraged about, or to hope for, there became a purpose and a coming to life.

In her darkness, she became roused to the possibility that her life could be an asset, which she may be able to appreciate and in order to arrive at this conclusion, she could change and transform, notwithstanding her human limitations.

Her disadvantages in life need not characterize her present and future. They had all but stolen her past. No other person or situation would make her feel bereft again … ever. Having run through the emotional scale and experienced the physical sensation of emotional injury, here lies within the account of that suffering.

To get the better of these struggles, to seek out advantageous relationships, whist maintaining a kindness of heart and in bewilderment moves on.

The young lady lacked faith in herself because her heart was removed. Her light was extinguished and she must find it before she was consumed by others’ reimagining of her. She must burn brightly once more. Her antagonists must be quelled.

She had felt as if she was a shadow puppet, attached to strings as those on a marionette, manipulated by another soul. She wanted to fly from the mountain-side as if she were an eagle, to run wild through the forests like the wolf. Could this ever come to pass?

She perceived herself as a caged animal, pacing to and fro, becoming agitated with each footstep. There must be a way out!

It would be a long time in wandering, before she would come to the understanding that in order to be free, she would become absolutely broken.

This is her story …..

"Yet to be liberated"

“Yet to be liberated”